Medical Mathematics & Healthcare Analytics Services

NeurOK Software is a high-performance, computational mathematics company that has experience applying mathematic principles and custom software design for applications relating to medicine and healthcare. In the face of current trends in medical research and commercialization, combined with the Affordable Care Act being implemented, a wide range of applications exist that may benefit from services offered by NeurOK Software.

With research and development budgets becoming smaller, there is a need to maximize the potential for every dollar spent. Medical Mathematics is a term used by NeurOK to describe the application of mathematics to medical research in order to model disease, diagnosis, imaging, formulation, and therapeutic activity to direct research on a rational basis.

Furthermore, as the volume and availability of healthcare data continues to grow, and the healthcare system responds to economic pressures, healthcare organizations will increasingly need to rely on Analytics as a strategic competency to maximize efficiency of operations and to provide high standard of care to patients.

NeurOK Software provides a complimentary primary data analysis for potential partners and customers.

Medical Mathematics

  • Image Recognition (MRI, CT, histology, telemedicine)
  • Pharmaceutical Formulation
  • Whole Genome Association Studies and Personalized Medicine
  • Drug Target Detection and QSAR

HealthCare Analytics

  • Payer Efficiency and Improvement
  • Billing Fraud
  • Physician Utilization and Operations

Representative Case Studies

Projects that NeurOK Software has implemented in this field include:

Diagnosing Myocardial Infarction
(applicable to Patient Diagnosis and Management)

Employees of a company participated in a research study using an artificial neural network for the diagnosis of myocardial infarction. The artificial neural network consisted of 32 input parameters taken from symptoms of patient, data of laboratory research, age, sex, and EKG data. The artificial neural network showed a sensitivity of 97% and specificity of 96%. The results were presented and published by Siberian Department of RAS. This project has direct application to advancing solutions for patient diagnosis and predicting patient care requirements and reimbursement incidence.

Predicting Post-Infarction Cardiac Arrythmias
(applicable to Patient Diagnosis and Management)

A neural network-based system is used to predict the risk of cardiac arrhythmia based on 36 parameters describing a patient’s characteristics including age, gender, electro- and echo- cardiography, etc. A neural network was used to find certain non-linear combinations that indicate risk of cardiac arrhythmia upon arrival at a clinic. This project has direct application to advancing solutions for patient diagnosis and predicting patient care requirements and reimbursement incidence.

Outlier detection in billing efficiency and fraud detection
(applicable to Healthcare Financial Management)

Neurok analyzed various data log information such as proxy logs on internet activity, and call center activity logs to identify routine behavior. High efficiency data clustering showed changes in behavior of user or employee to identify outliers for interrogation. This project has direct application to healthcare financial management, fraud detection in billing, checking vendor information and behavior for fraud detection, and internal fraud detection.

Computer-aided medical image processing/diagnosis
(applicable to Patient Diagnosis and Imaging)

Neural networks and probabilistic trees are used to classify medical images such as MRI images, blood crystallization and tumor histology images and distinguish between clinical states to advance solutions in analyzing patient imaging data. The virtual sensing technology is able to predict defect patterns for medical measurements, allowing the system to quickly characterize patterns as critical or non-critical. This project has direct application to advancing solutions in patient diagnosis and imaging analysis.

Industrial chemical process control
(applicable to Drug Development)

This solution predicts the correct chemical process formulation based on past history and current process and environmental properties. The system was implemented for the beauty care division of one of the world’s largest consumer products companies to find a solution to a product formulation issue. This project has direct application to drug development solutions.

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