Select Projects

Over many years of experience, our team has developed custom solutions for a wide variety of customers.  The links below provide some details on selected projects.  For more information on any of these projects, please feel free to contact us.


Uncertain Grids Method

An advanced, meshless Lagrangian technique for the solution of multidimensional PDEs.

Mesh Generation of Complicated Sliced Structures

This project developed mesh generation software for the automatic subdivision of models which represent multi-material, sliced structures.

Stationary Stochastic Field Generator

A high-performance, computational software library for the numerical simulation of realistic, multi-dimensional stationary random fields.

Machine Learning Technologies

Machine learning is a field of computational science that incorporates numerous technologies to create systems that can learn from the data in their environment and then make predictions and take actions when confronted with a new situation. Explore some of the ways in which the NeurOK Software team has applied these cutting-edge technologies.

Intelligent Performance Assistant

An adaptive control, on-line system that optimizes simulator performance by dynamically adjusting the solver parameters during simulation.

Image of project team